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What a LUSH

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

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Let’s talk indulgence. How many times have you refused to buy something because it wasn’t “necessary”, it was “too much”, or it was “extraneous”? How many times have you stopped yourself from fully enjoying something because “there are so many other things” you should be doing or investing your time in? All of this translates to you not being worth it. You not being worth the “extra”. And I’m here to tell you, you ARE. You’re 100% worth it - every moment, every penny.

I remember hearing about this store called LUSH back in college (over a decade ago at this point). An entire store dedicated to skin, hair, and bath products - wow. How extra. How frivolous. How indulgent. I heard about it, walked by it, had a friend that raved about their products…but I never went in. I never allowed myself to walk inside. What was the point? Just another place to spend, no, to waste my money.

This past year, I was on the hunt for gifts for two of my best friends’ wedding, to each other. I met them both in college, where they also met each other. They are absolutely amazing people and such an inspiring couple. I love them so much and wanted their gift to be perfect. I set up this whole system wherein every first of the month for one year following their wedding day, they would open up a corresponding gift. Each gift had a theme - a picnic, a pancake breakfast, a museum date, a movie night, etc. It was so fun to coordinate and find cute little packages to put together for each month. I chose November to have a bath theme - a calming scented candle and a luxurious bath bomb. My mind immediately went to LUSH. I had never been in there, but was always so intrigued. Oooo now I would have a reason, an excuse, to walk inside those mysterious, enticing doors. If I’m shopping for a gift, for someone else, I’m allowed to indulge. I’m allowed to spend the money and the time it takes to browse.

I was greeted at the door with a very friendly face who was incredibly informative and inviting, but not at all intrusive or pushy. She guided me through the stories each bath bomb tells, some of her favorites, and some that might fit the mood I was going for. I settled on the perfect one - a soothing, sensual scent, with a light pink hue and a small pink rose encapsulated at the center (which actually perfectly went along with their theme - #lavieenrosenbach)! She wrapped it up for me and gave me a lip scrub sample to try at home. It was such a pleasant experience overall, from start to finish. I was pleased. It was a purposeful trip and I got what I went there to get.

It wasn’t until my personal bath game started getting strong that I allowed myself to enter the store for my own purpose, my own gratification. I was finally at a point where I was allowing myself to indulge, to relax, to self-care - fully. I wandered by a LUSH store one day on my way to work and instead of passing it by, refusing those enticing doors, that friendly face, I walked in. I searched. I gandered. I indulged; and I enjoyed! It was yet another extremely pleasant experience and I came home with my very own perfect bath bomb. And let me tell you, that bath bomb was magical. Adding this $7 treat into my bath routine gave me so much joy, so much vigor. It literally elevated my life. It was so worth the "extra".

I have since been back multiple times to ride the wave of sensory exploration and relaxed creativity that hits you the second you walk in. Each time I discover something new to try, something extra, something worthy. They have so many products to offer and I know I am only just scratching the surface.

I highly recommend the bath bombs, the signature bathtime treat, that’s a given. Each one has their own character - some fizz, some change colors, some release flowers. It’s all so exciting and so child-like! Then there’s the bubble bars - this is for those signature rub-a-dub bubble baths - again, each with their own scent, spice, and personality. You then have the bath oils - decadent butters rich with essential oils that leave your skin feeling oh so soft. My mind was completely blown when, as I was overwhelmingly browsing through all of my options, that friendly face approached me once again and offered the suggestion of mixing a few different things together to create the ultimate experience. Wait…no way! What a creative paradise! I can mix these products together? What a fun little science experiment, a true relaxation explosion. There is so much to play with, to explore, to indulge in. What joy.

One of my other favorite products are their massage bars - a true luxury. Soap-like bars made of body butter, steeped in essential oil and a variety of textures, that melt into your skin as you massage it in. These are literally the treat of all treats after a long, glorious bath - or just a long day. Applying one before bed will ensure silky smooth skin come dawn. There are ones with glitter, ones for sore muscles, ones with sago bubbles, and ones for you and a partner to enjoy together. They’ve thought of everything with their products, and they’re all worth a try!

LUSH is luxury. It is indulgence, by definition. It is attraction, it is pleasure, it is joy, and you are worth it. Allow yourself a browse on their website or a stroll through their store. Allow yourself to be inspired by their artistic scents, shapes, and colors - by the complete sensory overload - or find yourself a store that does the same, and indulge, take part.

Life is the little things, the bits of extra we come across. Sure, it is the momentous occasions, the milestones, the successes and failures…but it’s also the in between. The friend you run into unexpectedly on the sidewalk, the time you realize the item you were about to purchase is buy one get one, the moment you turn on the tv and your favorite movie just so happens to be playing. That’s where life gets juicy, special, exciting. That’s where life lives, in the extra. So…live. You. Are. Worthy.

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