Rachael grew up in the beautiful upstate New York, Finger Lake village of Skaneateles.  As Central NY is prone to lots of snowfall in the winter (and often even in the spring), Rachael started figure skating at a very young age.  It was this, on top of the Skaneateles Summer Theatre production of Brigadoon in which Rachael played a townsperson at the age of seven with her mother and brother, that sparked her love for performance.  She would continue on to create songs and concerts at home with her brother to perform for their parents on perfectly random occasions - performances that still happen to this day when the mood strikes.  Rachael would jump at any opportunity she had to perform.  Whether it be her second grade farewell concert where she danced as Belle with her best friend to "Tale as Old as Time" sung by her fellow classmates, or her fifth grade musical where she strutted across the stage as Calamity Jane in the musical revue Tall Tales and Heroes, or her numerous piano recitals in which Rachael would always beg to sing at least one of the songs she was playing, Rachael wanted to be on that stage.

    On into middle school and high school Rachael joined numerous select choirs and participated in every single drama production she could - at school and in the surrounding communities.  When she landed the title role in her high school's production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, a new spark began in Rachael.  It was then she realized she wanted to, in fact, make this her career. Something about signing programs and taking pictures with little girls dressed in Cinderella gowns touched her deep at the core.  There was no other career path that could bring her as much joy by bringing such joy to others.

    After high school it was off to the big city, where Rachael attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts - the school of her dreams.  She was accepted into the Cap21 Conservatory Musical Theatre training program, which allowed her to train with top notch faculty in the world's best city for musical theatre.  Rachael was able to grow so much in those four years as an artist and as an individual, and feels so blessed to have had the opportunity to do so.  She is grateful to God and to every single person He's placed in her life who has provided her with support and encouragement along the way.  Rachael now heads into the real world with excitement and confidence, ready to see where life takes her!

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