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It’s been a bit.

Still here!

I feel like I’ve lived a whole separate life between 30 (where I left you off) and 32…

A lot’s happened. In the best way possible.

I performed a dream role in a dream show at a dream theater.

One of the best experiences of my career.

A different theater later found me on the internet and flew me out west to be a last minute replacement in their same show. (Insane, right?!)

One of the biggest challenges and coolest affirmations of my career.

I went through (and healed from) a breakup.

One of the most difficult and best choices I could’ve ever made.

I developed an amazing parallel career in event planning and production, and now get to live out a second dream of mine while still pursuing the first.

I know - barf, right..?

I’ve been learning multiple new skills on a daily basis (pretty much the entire two years) and feel like my resume has almost tripled in size.

I traveled an insane amount, all over the country, and created the most epic of memories.

I found a new home church after a long search to find “the one”.

I built several new friendships and drew even closer to old ones.

I learned to trust my instincts and listen to my body. At all costs.

I learned what I want, but even more importantly what I need.

I learned how to be (even more) present and grateful on a daily basis.

I learned about…myself.

And, I finally settled into her.

As you may recall, my favorite thing to do at the beginning of each year is pick a word. A theme.

We left off at the year of POWER…

You may have missed the year of GRATITUDE and the year of INSTINCT and ROUTINE (ooo, she got feisty and picked TWO words in 2023!! haha) - both great and defining years…but people get busy, blah blah blah…and here we are now at the year of -


What a word!

Still powerful, yes, but with even more direction. With a plan. With action. With strength. With grit. So many of my previous year’s words fit into this one. And I love it. A culmination of all that I am and all that I want to be.

Intentional living.

We all know that to get something different than what you’ve always gotten, you have to do something different than what you’ve always done.


But like…think about it. If you want something to happen, you have to make it happen! If you’re not happy with the trajectory of your life, you have to change it! Yes, God is all-knowing and has a plan for our lives…but we are in so much more control than we think. We have to actively choose the direction and take the steps.

You’re either going to build your life by default or by design. And your life is happening. Now. Whether you like it or not.

This year I’m choosing to be intentional about my time, my choices, my goals, my routine. My life.

You only get one.

Ya know, I’ve lost a couple people in these past two years as well…people who were actually subscribed to this very blog. Two of my biggest supporters.

Man, that’s tough.

It’s really hard.

I don’t like it one bit.

But unfortunately, that’s also life.

And there’s nothing like the vision of death to speed up your hindsight.

Life is precious.

So, that’s basically it. You’ve caught me at this moment in time where I’m still on fire from the newness of the calendar flip and hopeful about all that’s ahead. All that I’m going to make happen in 2024. My faith is strong and my energy high. The motivation is still lingering in the air and vibrating through all of my extremities. Isn’t that a cool frickin’ feeling..?

But I’m not naive. I know I’m not immune to the trials and tribulations that are bound to come - as soon as tomorrow. The exhaustion and overwhelm. The uncertainty and fear.

There will still be pain. There will still be sorrow. There will still be struggling. And GOD, there will still be sickness. Ugh, it’s just the worst, isn’t it?! Sometimes it feels like we can’t catch a break - especially this time of year!!

Yes, all of it’s coming. Unfortunately.

It’s inevitable!

But, so are your dreams. Your aspirations.

Big and small. Doesn’t matter.

Daily goals, bucket list items, and life-long yearnings.

Those are also inevitable. Unavoidable. They’re inside you. Whether you like it or not.

That nagging deep inside of what you’re meant to do or where you’re meant to go or who you’re meant to be…or be with…

That’s where you make the choices.

That’s where you live in the intention.

That's where you take action.

And that’s where you become your most authentic self.

Down deep. In spite of it all.

So, I challenge you -

How can you be intentional this year?

What changes need to be made in your life?

What habits need to continue?

What dreams need to be started?

How can you set yourself up for success, even when the hard times come?

How will your structure and routine carry you through, intentionally?

Well, thanks for reading, and for listening.

For letting me ponder, reflect, and ruminate. As I’m wont to do.

I missed it, actually…

I appreciate you checking in, and saying hi.

It was great to "chat".

Who knows when you’ll see me next…

Picking this blog back up wasn’t necessarily on my list of goals for the year…but I guess it wasn’t not.

Writing is.

Feeling creative is.

Being active is.

Being myself certainly is.

So…maybe I’ll see you around.


Intentionally yours,


Solo Trip to Seattle - June 2023

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