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Updated: Jan 7, 2021

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I really resonate with visuals. It’s how I learn, it’s how I memorize, it’s how I create. And it’s one reason why I particularly like making vision boards. I’m sure vision boarding is not a foreign concept to you…but it is way more than just arts and crafts. Vision boarding is a way to express yourself, to discover, to focus, and to inspire. It’s a way to light up that right side of your brain, no matter how dormant or active it already is. It can be a very centering activity, and one I highly recommend - especially now.

My process for the project begins by gathering a whole bunch of materials - magazines, marketing mail, colorful catalogs, photos, coupons (why not?), whatever you have. I flip through and find what speaks to me in that exact moment. My vision boards generally end up developing a theme (but they don’t necessarily have to). As I usually feel compelled to create one when I find myself in a lull or a rut, the boards I have on my walls are filled with my dreams and aspirations, but they also have words and images that remind me of my strength and purpose. They ignite me at my core in more ways than one.

You can think outside the box. Look for patterns and colors that appeal to you, words and letters and phrases that speak to you, and images that strike a cord in you or give you peace. Cut these out - and cut out a lot of them. You’ll find some are left on the chopping block, but they can always be recycled for later projects.

Then, find a colorful piece of cardboard, card-stock, or construction paper and start arranging. You can layer and flip and tilt and trim till you find just the right combo. Your {visual diary} will take shape and become the snapshot of your mind in its current elevated and visionary state. Glue down your clippings as you see fit, adjusting as needed. Feel free to even paste outside the lines - how bold! I’m sure you can use double-sided tape as well, but I like the smoothness and security a glue stick offers. Have fun in the hodgepodge of it all and continue to add bits and pieces as needed.

And just like that your collage will be complete. When you look at it in the days, months, and years to come, it’ll represent a moment in time for you. A chapter. It’ll speak to your soul and ground you in the creative inspiration in which it was formed. It’ll hearken back to a previous life and it will also propel you into a new beginning. One of confidence, gumption, aspiration, and imagination. A “hey, look how far I’ve come, look at where I am, and look at all that’s still up ahead!” moment. It’ll bring you peace. I promise. A much needed harmony between your mind, heart, and soul.

I have many different forms of these compilations: ones that hang on the wall above my bed, ones I once created for an archetype class in college, and ones I create for every character I get to play (these are some of my favorite and such a great way to get into the psyche of the person). I don’t create all these types of vision boards too often, but when I do, they are works of substance and of meaning, each and every one of them.

While walking through CVS recently to stock up on what I’m sure was feminine products, or paper towels, or White Claw, or the like…I passed through the office materials section and was taken aback by a singular journal - colorful and sitting among the muted. It called out to me, I reached for it, and immediately I found a use for its large, blank pages. It would become my visual journal. My perpetual vision board. A place for me to paste any and all images/words that would speak to me in the days, months, years to come. I could create themed pages, solo scribbles, or just simply beautiful collages. I don’t know exactly how it will take form, but the point is, I will let it.

The words scripted in gold on the cover say, “Inspire, create, repeat” and I plan to do just that. I promise to allow myself to be artistic and crafty and fill up this bountiful book - just because. Because I want to, because I can, and because it brings my inner artist joy.

I’m sure you’ve heard of vision boarding, dreamt of vision boarding, or anticipated vision boarding…but have you ever let yourself do it? And if so, have you let yourself do it recently? I’m almost certain you are in a much different place now and that your brain’s creative side could use the release. So pick up some visuals, and get to envisioning. Inspire, create, repeat.



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