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It's a Beautiful Life

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

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Alright, I keep talking about Whitney Simmons and how huge a fan I am. Time for me to tell you guys why.

Probably about three years ago at this point, while looking for some new gym routine ideas, I stumbled upon Whitney’s YouTube channel. I liked the way she broke down her exercises, grouped them together, and demonstrated them all. Her video edits (and style) were also really cute. She had a great way of combining both classic and creative supersets, all without making it look intimidating, and I really liked the healthy relationship with self and fitness that she was trying to cultivate in her viewers. She gave me the confidence to try new things and the permission to love myself no matter what. Not to mention, she has an incredibly magnetic and optimistic personality - and a seemingly unending source of energy. She’s also STUNNING! Witnessing her passion ignited mine (and still does). For anything! After sifting through her workout videos, I quickly moved onto her vlogs about food, fashion, travel, decorating, beauty products, dog-mom life, and even plant tips! I could literally listen to her talk about paint drying. She always makes it fun and interesting.

Over the years, Whitney has adapted her content for the Instagram platform as well. She is constantly posting her workouts, both at home and at the gym, as well as motivational tidbits for her followers. She encourages people to be kind to themselves on the daily and to always be seeking out a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle. She often leads with her catch phrase: “It’s a beautiful day to be alive,” which is a good reminder to always be grateful and always be present. To find the positive in any situation. Something I really strive to do.

This year Whitney launched her very own workout app called Alive, which offers goal tracking and a variety of fitness programs (to which she adds frequently). She has had a few different partnerships with Gym Shark - some of her newest collection was on my Christmas list this year and it’s absolutely fire - and also co-founded Toluca, developing a female-made/female-designed swimsuit line this past year, which is gorgeous. She’s a frequent user of Alani-Nu as well and was the first person to really introduce me to pre-workout, which I have tried and enjoy using whenever I feel like I need an extra kick in the pants (but I don’t like to use it on the reg since it does make me kind of jittery - even just a sprinkle of it!).

But even without venturing into her collabs, her recommendations for skincare products and discounted clothes are spot on and her workouts the bomb. Man, do they make your muscles burn! She has many great ideas for simple, healthy meals as well, and even test runs some funky Tik-Tok snacks! Whitney recently got engaged and it was the cutest thing ever - she videoed the whole thing, of course. I can’t wait to see all of her upcoming vlogs about the wedding planning, because I’m sure it’s going to be absolutely breath-taking (and incredibly helpful).

I think the thing that sticks out to me about Whitney, and why I keep coming back to her page time and time again, is her transparency and her genuine nature. She’s not shy in sharing her journey. Her ups and downs. She’s grateful for the downs, but always looking towards the ups and all that’s yet to come. She’s a glass-half-full, all-around good person, quite entertaining, and determined AF, and it’s been really fun to watch her evolve through the years. Whit’s my age, maybe a little younger, and it’s incredibly inspiring to see what she has done (and continues to do) with her life, and how she makes her dreams come true one step at a time. All while being kind and helping inspire others along the way.

I came to Whitney’s page for the information, and it’s always chalk-full of it, but I leave every time feeling a little bit more motivated than the last. Her energy makes me smile, and that’s the kind of vibe I want in my life. It’s the kind I hope to exude. In a world that can so often be about comparison and deprivation, Whitney’s a fabulous role model for females (and males, honestly) everywhere. Flip through a few of her videos and you’ll get a sense of what I’m describing. Many people just provide information, she provides a lifestyle. And it’s a beautiful one.

I think it’s important to take note of who inspires us and what kinds of people we strive to emulate. Whoever we listen to, watch, or follow on a daily basis has the power to penetrate our psyche, and ultimately, direct our lives. Fill your bubble with positive affirmations and motivating actions. Set yourself up for success on all counts. It is completely in your control. Garbage in, garbage out. Healthy in, healthy out. This life is a beautiful thing and you deserve to live it and love it. Every single day.

These are a few quotes I found on the Instagram page for her app - Alive. I hope they strike a cord in you the same way they did for me.

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